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Beep In A Week: Vol 7 // Who Da Man? Beep not da Man!

A few things came across our desk this week which poke a pointy finger at The Man. And as it's tax time, I say we celebrate them.

But first, some housekeeping: the first three new small press works are up in the PAPER
section, so I am pleased to announce Aunt Beep's Bookcase!

Over the next few months you'll be treated to all sorts of literary treats, wholly unavailable at Barns & Noble. Plus, we're supporting the cause and giving a portion of all book sales to a great project. Reading is so the new black.

Welcome susanstars: co-author of Super Crafty, R.J. Perez: author of the hilarious Nathan Jr. Zine & Edwin Ushiro author/illustrator of the "Love Sonnets" series. Pick up a copy and support small press!

And the Beep goes on...

You Simply Must...
* Make your own Silly Walk. Who else but the genius, anti-establishment minds of Monty Python
would come up with something so mindlessly, pointlessly entertaining? Make your own walk and then send it to all your friends!

* Buy a Banana Guard. Because The Man still can't squash your banana. (thanks for the tip Apartment Therapy!)

hat Is So Beep...
Greatest. Monologue. About Starbucks. Ever.
(click the Starbucks 1/21/2006 video link)
If I ever saw a true Beepster, it's The Kid From Brooklyn, Mike Caracciolo. This video is one of the funniest monologues I've heard in a long time. Further review of The Kid's website proves that he is indeed crazy, and I love it. There are lots videos full of The Kid's insights; but as I continually reassess my own caffeine addiction, the Starbucks bit is particularly funny.

BE WARNED: We keep things Beep Rated, but there is an impressive - dare I say - poetic use of the F-Bomb in The Kid's rant. Do not listen to this at work, unless your job is super cool like working at

Yes, I know we all hate to love Starbucks. So, just to keep it real, here are a few coffee shops in LaLa Land that are well worth visiting...and way Beepified:
1. Chango Coffee - Aunt Beep loves Chango!!!
2. Susina Bakery - absolutely delish pastries & deserts
3. Groundwork Coffee - Downtown - yummy sandwiches
4. Urth Cafe - mmmmmm spanish latte...

Be Sure To Note...
* Monday, March 13th is El Coyote's 75th Anniversary. (For our new Beepsters just joining us
this week, you can read here about my love for the Coyote.) Aunt Beep will be there with camera to
document the festivities. Check the blog to see pics!
* Mark your calendars! It's all champagne & cupcakes at Beep HQ on March 25th for our Young At Heart Sale. We're celebrating the launch of the new (and growing) Beep Baby section along with the official introduction of Act III Clothing. More info here - RSVP to win goodies!

Sunday Dinner...We needed a decadent meal and lots of wine to suffer through the Oscars...
(are the Oscars becoming more like The Man? Discuss...)
Main: Seafood Pasta. With more seafood pasta.
Click Here for Full Recipes!

Bringing It Back...I think it's time
for some more Aretha. Now there's a woman in a Man's world.

Spirit in the Dark, Aretha Franklin
Aretha Franklin - The Very Best of Aretha Franklin - The 70's - Spirit In the Dark

That's all from Beep Land. Keep it real people, and don't let The Man get you down!


Aunt Beep