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Beep In A Week: Vol. 6 // Where's My Golden Statue?

Well, it's been a wet week here in Hollywood. Anyone not properly protected must get a Tray 6 umbrella before the next City Wide soak.

Hollywood Blvd. is closed down for and the swag parties are in full effect. So this week's Beep is a star-studded treat.

And the Beeper Goes To...

You Simply Must...Put it in perspective.
* With all the celeb madness going on right now, sometimes it's nice for some satirical perspective. Check out beep Gallery artist 14's infamous
blog Gallery Of The Absurd; and then kick it on back to Beep to snap up her prints.

* You've probably already read this, but if you haven't, Go Fug Yourself is not only one of the shining stars in comedic writing right now, it will instantly make you feel better about yourself - especially
when you think you have nothing to wear, and all you want to do is look like a movie star.

That Is So Beep...Best quote ever from an Academy Award winner regarding the whereabouts of her stature.
"Oh, there it is. I must've won one then. I don't remember it, though."
-Jennifer Jones found the story. Ha!

Be Sure To Note...
* Mark your calendars! It's all champagne & cupcakes at Beep Headquarters on March 25th for our Young At Heart Sale. We're celebrating the launch of the new (and growing) Beep Baby section
along with the official introduction of Act III Clothing. More info here - RSVP to win goodies!

Lesson Learned...Beware the veiled deception of nostalgia when at the DVD bargain bin.
Let it be known right here and now that I - Aunt Beep - am a biiiiig fan of "bad" movies. For example, I love Day After Tomorrow. Love it. When Dennis Quaid does those repeat lines: "I will come for you, do you hear me? I will come for you!" I just want to run outside and join him in the quest for Jake Gyllenthahahaall across the frozen wasteland.

I love it when Sela Ward does the fake sobs, and I. LOVE. IT. that every local LA weathermen anchor makes a cameo.

However, a certain someone in the Beep household continues to insist on buying movies which he hasn't seen in 10-15 years - but insists they're still great. You know what I'm talking about. You see Time Bandits in the bargain bin and it's only $6.99, and it looks sooo trippy and retro and sci-fi fabulous, and you think, "Ohhh! Time Bandits! I watched that when I was 8, and it was the best movie ever! I can't believe I found it for only $6.99!"

Tell me something, have you ever seen The Godfather for $6.99? Or Gone With the Wind?
it from me - here are a few others to pass up:

Casino Royale - let's pull for the remake
Flash Gordon
- visually, it is rather wacky, but the jokes on us. There is no Queen soundtrack.
It's just one Queen song sung over and over and over.
Back To The Future II - 2 does not a 1 make.

and newly aquired just this week, the deceptively awful and mind-numbingly horrific:
Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Sunday Dinner...Oh my goodness, Sunday Dinner was delish. Yummy, yummy, yummy - and sooooo easy!
Main: Mushrooms in Red Wine with Blue Cheese over Fried Polenta
Click Here for Full Recipes! (always on the beep Blog!)

Bringing It Back...This was an actual conversation this week:

Brian: "Man, it's freezing [here in Chicago]"

Beep: "Yeah, it's raining here [in LA]"

Brian: "Is it raining men?"

This one is for you my friend.
It's Raining Men by The Weather Girls

The Weather Girls - The Weather Girls: Super Hits - It's Raining Men

Now go get ready for your close-up, because you're all fabulous!!

Aunt Beep