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Beep In A Week: Vol 5 // Sunsets & Knitting Needles

* this post was added - okay - a week late - I'm posting it as added on the day it was written...I just had issues with blogger this week, and got frustrated trying to post.

Helloooo Texas!
The Dallas News just wrote the nicest article about we Beepsters, and I just want to say welcome to all our new friends from the Lone Star State.

Also, I'm loving our new Beep Map. Did you notice we have Beepsters all the way in Australia?!?

Beep bop a loo bop - here we go:

You Simply Must...
* Love Knitta Please. I have officially seen it all - these women are fab-u-lous. A group of 10+ anonymous ladies (from Houston, speaking of Texas!) are tagging the country with hand-knit "graffiti". You've got to see it to believe it. They tag with knitting! Can you stand it?!!

* What was #1 the day you were born? For this week's mindless enjoyment
I direct you to this fun site which lets you track down the #1 song on the charts the day you Beeped into the world...or got married, or moved to Slovenia, or any important day!

That Is So Beep...We went to The Castaway Restaurant with our dinner buddies (see below) for the first time on Sunday to watch the sun set on their gigantic deck. I can't believe I'd never heard of this place!! It's like the El Coyote of 70's steakhouses! Foodies and design junkies are surely cringing right now, but to Beep & crew, this place is classic.

Just a short drive up the very big hill behind old Burbank you'll find this slightly dated Trader Vic's-esque landmark ... the deck overlooks the entire valley. Think Anchorman overlooking Saan Dieaago on his first date with Ms. Corningstone.

Their deck has all the makings for a clandestine pits, white lights in the trees, cool California wind and lots of dark corners. The inside has lamps made of sea shells and plastic flowering plants hang from the ceiling... But the view! Anyone who loves the psychedelic sunsets of LA
simply must make a date with someone - anyone - and get up there before 5:00.
I can't wait to go back when the weather is warm!!

Be Sure To Note...
* This Friday and Saturday, Project Angel Food is holding an art sale to raise money for their amazing efforts in helping those in need. beep Gallery artist Paige Wery has donated this piece, and there are over 200 other committee-selected works priced at $100, $250, $500 and $1000.

* Tuesday the 28th is Mardi Gras. Now ladies, you have yourselves a good time, but keep those shirts on!!

Lesson Learned...You don't know what you've got...
So two things happened this week which are just a little sad:

First, our fantastically talented and trustworthy mechanic decided to close his garage and start a limo driving service.

I was cruelly informed by some random guy who answered the phone - some guy without the severely thick Russian accent, who didn't wear track suits daily & chain smoke - who didn't drive a Mercedes down Fairfax like he was about to win the Indie 500 - and who surely wouldn't take it personally if I got an oil change from somewhere else - just sort of off-handedly tells me that Dimitri has moved on, but I can bring in my car. MOVED ON?? LIMO SERVICE?? WHA?? If you are as paranoid as I am, and are able to find yourself a good mechanic who will put up with you, you can understand the gaping void that once was my heart.

And secondly, my pink sunglasses have finally lost their battle to being carelessly tossed into handbags with no protection to save them. They are broken. And so again, doth my black heart break.

I begrudgingly bought the Pinkies after I lost my perfectly stylish Jackie O Gucci's which I'd had for like 6 years. They were supposed to be a joke and a transitional phase, and also sort of a social statement against the gigantor glasses of last summer.

But over the months, the Pinkies have really grown on me. I like to fantasize that the Pinks one day prompted Nicole Richie to rise from her seat at Jones on Third and shout "Aunt Beep! Where did you get those sunglasses! I must have them!" I'd like to think she'd chase me all the way down 3rd Street, until I duck into Sushi Mac. knowing Ms. Richie would never be seen anywhere close to a $2.50/plate cash only sushi caf that blasts 80's metal and makes you get your own green tea.

Yes, The Pinkies and I got along swimmingly well, and for the price, the obnoxiously perfect hue of pink, and their ability to cause people to stare at me, they were beyond fabulous. I'm just not ready to let them go, so reconstructive surgery will commence at cocktail hour, after the vigil for Dimitri and his limousines. Your thoughts are appreciated.

Sunday Dinner Brunch...Our dear friends Serena (owner of Wolf Creative Recruting) & Walt hosted us to a delightful Sunday Brunch - we had such a great time and the food was delish. Now I love to cook, but Mrs. Preggers only let me bring juice. I couldn't bear not to give her credit for such a wonderful meal.
Beep loves Brunch!!
Bread: Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips and Walnuts from Epicurious
Main: Oven Baked Eggs with Artichoke & Spinach (family recipe)
Ham & Cheese Mini Frittatas from Rachel Ray
Sides: Roasted Potatoes & Fresh Berry Salad with Yogurt & Dried Fruit & Nut topping (compliments of Katie). Oh, and juice from me.
Click Here for Full Recipes! (always on the beep Blog!)

Bringing It Back...So someone fabu gave me the new Neil Diamond CD, 12 Songs
12 Songs

Neil gets all down and kind of depressing, but I like it. Why? Because who doesn't love Neil Diamond. In honor, let's bring it back to happier times.
Shilo (why? I just don't know)

And lastly, I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed all your emails this past week. I love love love hearing from all of you, and thanks for all the great food (and excersize!) tips!

Have the most wonderful week...
Aunt Beep