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Beep In A Week: Vol 5 // Breakfast of Champions

This has been a week of Zen Muffins, carb-cutting, computer re-programming and thigh-mastering. The good news? It's gourmet mac & cheese tonight!

Let Beep Games begin:

You Simply Must...
* Check out
All Cupcakes, All the Time: It's a blog about cupcakes, and gorgeous pictures of cupcakes - not Zen Muffins - and lots of them. I can't get enough of it!!
* Put yourself on the Beep Map. I'm dying to know where all the Beepsters are, and I would love to see a map with Beepsters 'Round the World'. Again, I offer you minutes of amusement - click here to mark your spot!

That Is So Beep...The Winter Olympics are sort of the red-headed step child of Olympic sports - as seen by this weeks ratings. This is why we all must start watching. Aunt Beep loves an underdog. Some would say Aunt Beep is an underdog. So in the spirit of exerting oneself in extremely cold conditions (even if it is in Italy) I would like to highlight a few of this years Olympians who are true Beepsters, through and through:
* Johnny Weir - US men's ice skating: he is an over-the-top personality poised to win the gold, but he didn't do so well the other night. To which he explained: "I couldn't feel my aura."
* Hannah Tetler- US Women's Snowboarding: a 19 year old who won the gold medal and upon receiving it could only bring herself to make the sign of the bull (above).
* Everyone and I mean EVERYONE who is on a Curling team.

e Sure To Note...

* Monday is President's Day - no banks no mail, no work!
* beep Gallery artist Leora Lutz is inaugurating the new location of her gallery, Gallery Revisited tomorrow night. Plus, beep Gallery artist Paige Wery has work in the show. Stop by and check it out, and tell 'em Aunt Beep sent ya!

Lesson Learned...The hips may thank you, but they will hate you first.

In the spirit of the Olympics, I finally decided to enact my New Year's resolution and start working out in the mornings. Somewhere I read that Tiger Woods gets up at 5am every day - and he seems to be doing well - so I've been thinking maybe I could dominate the world by rising at an ungodly hour and contorting my body into painful positions.

For whatever reason, I have decided that lunges with weights are the way to go - which is great in theory - but over the past few months my thighs have rested into a semi-vegetative state, and repetitive deep knee bends is an angry way to wake them up. Add to that the fact that between the age of 10 and 13 I grew something like a foot a week, and my knees never really recovered. Not an excuse so much as a visual aid so that you can understand the awkwardness of my new morning routine.

Maybe it is because of their recent lack of use that the old knees were surprisingly willing to bend more than 30 degrees, which prompted even more lunges by moi. However as I type this, I fear rising from my comfortable seat as an odd muscle on the front of my leg elicits excruciating pain whenever used. I am now resorting to walking stiff-legged in straight lines to avoid bending (think Cosmo Kramer in tight jeans), and flapping out my feet in front of me to ensure that I can hold myself up. It's just not pretty.

The saddest part of all, is that in my mind I truly believe that another day or two of bizarro calisthenics will turn my legs into a delightful combination of Angelina Jolie's and that wrestling uber-model from Dancing With The Stars.

unday Dinner...
We ate a late lunch at Loteria in the Farmer's Market so dinner was on the light(ish) side again. I say ish, because this gratin turned out to be anything but light. Good thing it was our main course.
Salad: Mixed greens, cremini mushrooms and haricot averts. Simple balsamic dressing.
Main: Cauliflower Gratin from Ina's Barefoot in Paris
Desert: Vanilla Ice Cream with morelo cherries
Click Here for Full Recipes!

You all win a Gold Medal in my book!

Aunt Beep