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Beep In A Week: Vol 4 // Everyone Is A Celebrity

Well the Beep Fam just grew by leaps and bounds this week, thanks to Daily Candy and their fab feature about beep
artist Plasticgod; which is only fitting as it's award season and we're being deluged with red carpet madness.

Welcome all new Beepsters!
I've been having a great time chatting with so many nice new friends this week, and thanks & congrats to all who have purchased new art by Plasticgod!

Let's take this down to Beep town y'all:

You Simply Must...
* Well naturally you must get yourself some Daily Candy if you haven't already. They've been kind enough to feature artist Leora Lutz, designer Nappa Studio and now artist Plasticgod - so they obviously have great taste. It's a fun read with your morning coffee.
* Make your own tartan plaid. We all had fun doing last week's Simpsonomaker,
but using the Tartanomatic to create my own personal Aunt Beep tartan is oddly satisfying in a Braveheart sort of way. Best of all, you can buy your new plaid! I think I see a Beep Tartan blanket in my future...

hat Is So Beep...

On Saturday we had breakfast at Urth Cafe. I haven't been there in a while, and I forgot how great the food is.

Do yourself a favor - take a 1/2 hour and sip a Spanish Latte outside in the sunshine at Urth Cafe. The Spanish Latte is quite possibly one of the top 3 reasons why I will never give up caffeine, and is - without a doubt - a perfect coffee drink. The coffee is strong, the milk is sweet, the foam is thick. To future visitors of our lovely city: for better or worse you can't get more "LA" than Urth, so add it to your itinerary.

Be forewarned: due to the strength of their coffee, drinking a large may induce heart palpitations, excessive perspiration and bouts of paranoia, but it's totally worth it.

Be Sure To Note...
*Tuesday is Valentines Day. Don't get down on the details, just tell everyone
you love them - that's the Aunt Beep way!

Good Fortune...I must be dipping into the well of good Chinese fortunes. We barely skidded
home from work in time for LOST this week, so California Wok was our only option.

As I have the pleasure of working with individuals who are both amazingly creative and hard working, I spend a lot of time discussing/reiterating what people can do, so this rings especially true:

"A great pleasure in life is doing what others say you can't"

I could easily pontificate on this, but I think you can get it. I'm glad I was raised by parents who always taught me there wasn't anything I couldn't do. The result is a life-long story of adventures and misadventures to be sure, but so much better than being trapped by someone else's limitations!

Sunday Dinner...The Super Bowl was boring, but this pasta dish was not. I love anything with seems so luxurious!

We ate so much pasta I couldn't even think about desert. But I was supposed to make roasted nectarines stuffed with ricotta cheese. I'll include the recipe. We'll see if I get to it this week (now that we have all these nectarines and cheese!), or maybe one of you will beat me to it!
Salad: Maiche & endive lettuce with pine nuts. Simple balsamic dressing.
Main: Thin Spaghetti with Crab, Asparagus and Sun-Dried Tomatoes from Colorado Colore
Desert: Ricotta Stuffed Oven Roasted Nectarines from Gale Gand
Click Here for Full Recipes! (always on the beep Blog!)

Bringing It Back...I heard this in Trader Joes the other day. Everyone was singing to it. Which proves that just about all of us love Dolly and Kenny.
Islands in the Stream
Islands in the Stream
(plus, it reminds me of Katie and Chad and one of the best 1st wedding dances ever)

You walk that red carpet people, and I'll see you next week.


Aunt Beep