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2/9/05 News A La Beep

It's easy for me to feel like the center of the universe revolves around - especially when there are so many fabulous new designers and artists being added every day it seems.

Nevertheless, the world (amazingly) turns round and round without Aunt Beep (working on that), so here's some interesting tidbits that are Beepified.

- The LA Times has an interesting article about the new trend in artist created toys. They give shout out's to some of my favorite local artists: Joe Ledbetter, and one of the best stores in LA - Monkeyhouse Toys get's a mention too.
Ironically, it's PLUSH WEEK at Gallery 1988, which is featuring "hundreds of cuddly & stuffed one-of-a-kind creatures". I'm bummed I missed the opening, but I can't wait to see the exhibit!

- Mark your calendars for the new opening of Gallery Revisited, owned and operated by beep Gallery artist extrodinaire Leora Lutz. The eye popping opening reception is on Feb. 18th.

-For someone like me who sends out emails to several thousand subscribers, the new regulation to charge "postage" for emails sent is a concerning and also interesting concept. The idea is to give priority to legitimate senders over spammers - but at what cost?

-How do you feel about kids receiving rewards like money, DVDs, iPods, even cars for perfect attendance at school?