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Beep In A Week // Vol. 2

This week has been insanely busy in Beep land. There is so much great new stuff on the site...a brand new PAPER section (more on that later), and at long last a BABY section (!!)

I'm so lucky to have the best friends, who have the greatest kids. Aunt Beep wishes a very happy 1st birthday to the fetching Will, and welcome to the world Veronica!

And on we go.

You Simply Must...
* Read Apartment Therapy. A daily dose of tips for living in the city. It's addictive. (plus they totally gave us a shout out!)

* Buy Kashware socks. It's true what they say. This stuff is crazy soft. I personally think they're quite ugly, but these socks are like slips of heaven on your feet when you're at home.

* Read this article about allegiance to one's hairbrush from yesterday's New York Times. Men and women will laugh aloud.

That Is So Beep...
Someone recently asked me to name my favorite restaurant in Los Angeles. My instant reaction
was to proclaim El Coyote!

Is that bad? Is it wrong? Am I hopeless?

I know the food is...wierd... It's not quite to the level of bad, but for years I have been ordering the Tostada Salad which is served with canned vegetables and 1000 Island dressing. It's just...wierd.

Regardless, I just plain love the place. It's cheap, its always lively, it's so wonderfully wonderfully tacky, and they give you mints with your bill.

Aunt Beep would have loved El Coyote for those reasons. I can see her there now, claiming the round corner booth as her "special table". So I guess I'll stand by my answer. Of all the places I've eaten in LA, the Coyote remains a steady constant in an otherwise crazy world. After a tough day (or a great day!), a couple margies out on the patio with good company makes the red glowing building on the corner of Beverly and Poinsettia just about my favorite place.

Be Sure To Note...
*Wednesday, Feb. 2 is Groundhog Day. A day which none of us really understands. Therefore, you should go out and rent the movie Groundhog Day, because Bill Murray is funny.

Lesson Learned... Beware the dishwasher door.
Earlier this week, a certain beep Gallery artist who shall remain nameless (no matter how many bottles of wine you bribe me with) was scrutinizing a recently finished painting, which she had hung on a wall across from the entry to her kitchen.

With furrowed brow and squinted eyes, she retreated deeper and deeper into thought as she backed away slowly to gain perspective. The entry to the kitchen across from said wall is very close to the dishwasher which was unfortunately left open, and full of dishes.

Unaware of her surroundings at this point, the artist took one fateful step too far and ran smack dab into the door of the dishwasher; which caused her to flail violently - flip into the air - and land directly on top of the brand new, very reliable, very full dishwasher door.

The noise alone I can only imagine was unimaginably horrific what with the inevitable hoots! whoops!! and the clanging of china, silver and glass. Beyond that, the pain my dear artist endured most certainly was great.

Believe it or not, she emerged unscathed from this incident, and nary a dish was broken. Miraculously, the door withstood the blow, and has since completed numerous heavy cycles.

Naturally, I'm glad there is a happy ending to this tale, however there are a couple points I wish to address:

1) People. How many times do I have to tell you to close the dishwasher door?! It falls in a blind spot right in the middle of your shins, and you just can't risk being clothes-lined by a major appliance these days. Am I right?

2) Artists. Stop being so hard on yourselves. Seriously. Can't you see this morose obsession with your work has potentially fatal consequences? You have got to ease up on yourselves. It's just not healthy.

3) And most importantly - buy the GE Nautilus Dishwasher Model #GSD4800G00BB. Clearly it's built to last.

Sunday Dinner...Sunday was a riotous example of why I love Sunday dinner. Good food (the pears! the pears!), great friends, lots of wine.
Salad:Shaved Fennel Salad from Craft of Cooking by Tom Colicchio
Main: Shrimp with Feta and Roasted Tomatoes served with a side of sauteed spinach. An old fave.
Desert: Honey-Poached Pears in Muscat with ginger ice cream from The Paris Cookbook by Patricia Wells
Click Here for Full Recipes!

And finally, a new installment to Beep in a Week:

Bringin It Back...originally I intended to offer you cheesy songs I heard in the grocery store that made me smile, but now I'm going to infuse that with my girl Aretha Franklin. Because, everyone needs Aretha in their lives. She can fix any problem, and make any wrong right. Download this song and refer to it when needed. You can thank me later.
The House That Jack Built

The House That Jack Built

Have a delightful weekend y'all!

Aunt Beep