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Aunt Beep is featured on Apartment Therapy

To say I'm obsessed with Apartment Therapy might sound a little over the top, but in truth, that is exactly what I am. I have been reading this fun, comprehensive, totally stylish home decor blog for quite some time now; so guess how happy I was to see they graciously mentioned and our fabulous gallery!

beep Gallery artists Paige Wery, Karyn Millet (also featured in last week's Shopping For Art post on Delight) and Leora Lutz were all mentioned as my trust in Apartment Therapy's good taste continues to go unspoiled.

No matter what coast or middle section you live in - be sure to read both their New York and Los Angeles -specific blogs for lots of great tips and cool finds.

As if the home design wasn't enough, they have also added a Kitchen blog which is genius.

Thanks Alec at Apartment Therapy!! Aunt Beep Loves You!!!!