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Announcing BABY & PAPER

Holy Moley have we been busy!!

LOTS of exciting stuff happening in Beep land.
Don't cha just love the new year and all it's endless possibilities??

First and most important I wish to introduce new Beepsters
Lynne Swerer
Celina Tagana-Duffy
Bella Wishes

plus, we have more Beepsters almost up on the site that I'm dying to tell you about too!

A lot of you have been asking me if we could carry Baby & Kids items, and I am so happy to say that Beep Baby is in full effect. We're no where near finished filling the section with fab clothing, art and toys for kiddies all made by LA artisans. However, I think you'll be pleased with the funky new selection we have so far...check out the adorable clothing by Beep faves random nicole & One Ear Dog Frog!

Next, it's on to Beep Paper. Sidepony & Tweet have moved to their proper home, and joining them will be a wide variety of magnificent independant works by local authors, poets and illustrators who take the time to honor the printed page by creating their own books and zines.

You all know how much Aunt Beep loves the world wide web, but let's not forget one of the greatest of all achievements: the printing press - and the worlds of wonder it has brought all of us. Be sure to check this site often and indulge yourself with an inexpensive book or two.

Hats off to Beepster Tray6 who's latest umbrella design is in Feburary's issue of InStyle Magazine. Whoopie! Haven't I been telling y'all to get a Tray6 umbrella for months now?? ;)

Ok - back to work. See you tomorrow for BEEP IN A WEEK.