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Do You Live Around 3rd & La Brea?

It has come to my attention that the city is attempting to impose even greater parking restrictions in the heavily populated area "bounded (clockwise) by the centerlines of 3rd Street on the north, Highland Avenue on the east, Wilshire Boulevard on the south and La Brea Avenue on the west" [from the Notice of Public Hearing flier]. There are postings around the area announcing the Establishment of Preferential parking District No. 114.

Those who live in the area are concerned that there will be far less places to park in an already highly restricted area. Many people who have permits (i.e. pay the city for permits) already park several blocks away from their homes.

Restricting these new areas on the east side of La Brea on Sycamore & Orange between 6th & 3rd seems ridiculous to me.

There is a concerned citizen in the area posting fliers asking where people are supposed to park during street cleaning and at night?

This proposition can be stopped "Preferential parking restrictions will only be posted on those blocks that submit a petition signed by 67% of the residents."

If you live in these areas, there is a hearing tomorrow:
Wednesday, December 14th
Hollywood Neighborhood City Hall, Community Room
6501 Fountain Avenue, Los Angeles 90028

If you can't attend (and you really should! I love how they schedule it right during Christmas) you can email them (before Jan 15):
or write:
PPD 114 c/o LADOT Preferential Parking Section
PO Box 514507
Los Angeles, CA 90051-2507
or call:

If you want a copy of the proposition, just email me and I can fax one over to you.

You guys know how I feel about parking & traffic enforcement in this city.

Please pass this on!!!