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12/16/05 News A La Beep

- One of my fave artists, 14 from Gallery of the Absurd was listed on BoingBoing with her new group artist blog 7 Deadly Sinners. Check it out!

-If you care about what PETA has to say (and I don't*) then you might enjoy their downright nasty Christmas cards. Wicked renditions of a skeletal Anna Wintour - wearing fur of course -were distributed throughout the Vogue office.
Personally, I think the art was ripped off by 14 too. I appreciate satire as much as the next person, but this is no time of year and no way to effectively relay a message. Grow up PETA.

- A company with a bit more cheer to spread has found a great use for podcasting! Penguin Books is offering podcasts of A Christmas Carol. Pipe that through your ears while you're battling holiday travel (and lines and traffic and PETA) and I promise you'll be in the Christmas spirit!

- LA.COM tells us where we can learn to knit our own Fendi. (But I still think you should buy handmade bags from!)

- Not feeling well? Got a touch of the flu? Tom Cruise says its nothing that a little cooking oil and steam can't cure.

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