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Outside The Box, Ketti Mania, A new Revolution, and Art Art Art

Let it be known, that I am not proud of my sometimes bi-polar, frenzied style of blogging here. My vision for the beep Blog has always been to have several posts a week (at least one a day) highlighting Beep News, LA news, and whatever else might be on my mind. I have in my mind a flowing source of beep-sight. A happy collection of thoughts and information carefully plotted for your daily reading. Sigh.

Alas, keeps me very busy (thankfully) and I cannot post as consistently as I'd like. And, did you know that Aunt Beep also writes for I say this only to let you know that I understand how you might be bemused by these strange lapses in time; but I guess somewhere, somehow the typing must come to a stop from time to time.

Regardless, here is my current excuse for the lack of entries: NEW BEEPSTERS & New Products!

Acting Outside The Box : coaching cards for working actors designed to carry with you on set or stage.
Ketti Handbags : handmade, durable and retro inspired styish bags.
Silent Revolution : their new 05 line is amazing! check out the DJ Hybrid bag - it carries records, a lap top, headphones - genius!
Stacy Elaine Dacheux : beautiful and whimsical works - Stacy writes as well as she paints, her art is a treat for all.

More updates coming soon! And keep checking back for info on lots of fab Aunt Beep Sales and Events for the holidays.

Love Love Love!