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8 Days Till Egg Nog Lattes

Thankfully it's so warm here in Los Angeles, that the temptation to cheat has been curbed a little, but I'm still awfully excited that Egg Nog Latte season is here again.
Over the years, I have developed an unnatural addiction to Starbuck's Egg Nog Lattes. So much so that I have to limit my intake of their limited runs - which is to say, I'm allowed to have one (and only one) everyday from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Like everything, they seem to be arriving earlier and earlier every 'holiday' season which is why these last few days are so crucial.
However, I love holiday traditions big and small. Maintaining a retail e-commerce business means the holidays can easily get swept under the carpet since my work load is at its peak (yay!). So if daily egg nog lattes keep me in the spirit of Christmas, and ensure that I will in fact gain at least 5 pounds in 30 days then so be it. Plus, there is something really great about waiting...
I love love love Christmas. I love that I get to spend it with Beep Daddy, and I love adding quirky holiday rituals like egg nog lattes, chocolate chip panetone from Trader Joes, a new Christmas CD every year and bingo marathons on Christmas Day.

photo by Terry Bain