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A Very Special Painting by Sarah Adina

I am honored to present you with a beautiful piece by Sarah Adina which flowed onto her canvas as the world watched the devastation unfold in the Gulf.

I had seen the beginnings of this piece earlier this summer - it was another in her continuing homage to Los Angeles. It began as a dreamlike neighborhood scene of West LA, and was eventually washed over with the saddening images of children lost in the floods of New Orleans.
Together we have decided that all proceeds from this painting will go to Habitat for Humanity so that new homes may be built for those who lost everything.

The painting will go to the first person who contacts us with intent to purchase.
Price: $500
If you are interested, please email
Shipping is free of charge.

20x24 inches
oil on canvas
if interested, please contact

Additionaly, I am donating 15% of all sales from to Habitat For Humanity & the Red Cross for the month of September.

Artist Statement

Art is a way of thinking about things . . .

I start in contradiction. How do I make sense of my freedom in the face of my responsibility to the picture already in-the-drawing? I am born into a painting and yet have the freedom to paint what I will. This is my freedom and the circumstance of its exercise. Now the question is, which way do I go? Which way is up? With earnest intention and open eyes I feel what is now, respect what has come before, do what is necessary. I find the way up by feeling for resistance in my climb. There is no moral ground, there is only moral effort. For me, the hardest way is usually the way up.

Learn a bit more about Sarah Adina:

Where is your favorite place in Los Angeles and why?
I love the "canals" of Mar Vista . . . the dirt roads that separate the lines of houses.

What/Who is your greatest motivator?
Time steadily ticking away is my greatest motivator. Also, when I have crushes or obsessions with people, I am often motivated by a childish need to impress them. I am a hallow soul.

Are you generally for or against reality TV?
I am generally against anything that is deadening and life-sucking and horrid. But some shows are pretty catchy.

Passion…a blessing or a curse?

What is your biggest vice?

What is your biggest indulgence?

In 3 words describe Disneyland:
Never Been There

What is your favorite LA restaurant?
Tito's Tacos

What in your career as an artist/designer are you most proud of?
I am very proud of my commissioned pieces – specifically the work I’ve done for theatre posters and playbills