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Thanks to those who make us happy

As a business owner, it is hard to officially ever just take a day off. But, its Labor Day and Beep Daddy is home today, so I am trying to give it a go.

While sitting outside enjoying this amazing weather, my thoughts seem to lately create a parallel to the monstrosities of Hurricane Katrina. It's very hard not to take your life for granted while living in California. While many days certainly want to send me screaming to Montana - generally life in the Golden State is just darn good. Natural disasters have a way of putting all that in perspective. Life running Aunt Beep is just darn good too; and to my suprise I realized that I haven't taken the time to thank the many other businesses who in some way make our lives here in Beep Land a whole lot better.

Below are companies whom you should patronize. Their support and enthusiasm for has helped us considerably or embarked on fabulous colaborations; plus many of them also generously offer benefits to the artists and designers represented on Aunt Beep.

We have one motto here which governs all that we (I) try to accomplish:

Passion brings prosperity.

Prosperity comes in different forms to everyone. But rest assured, without passion it will never be accomplished. Thank you to Alternative Apparel, Jewel Box Frames,, RTEA and GenLux Magazine for their open-ended support of Los Angeles designers and artists.
If you have a resource or business and would like to learn more about how you might team up with Aunt Beep, please send us an email and let us know what you're all about.
Aunt Beep Loves You!