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Hump Day Work Break

There are lots of interesting tidbits in the news today...

*“Stop The Bop”: A high school raises money for Katrina by playing Hansen's "Mmm Bop" over and over on the loudspeaker until they reach their goal. Hilarious and smart. But totally twisted. Glad to know today's youth haven't totally lost their creativity. (via Best Week Ever).
I have Hansen on the brain this week, ever since I found out the Sprouse Twins have been indicted into the Olsen Robotic Training Camp For Pre-Made Pop Stars.

*George Clooney and Brad Pitt (who had obviously been drinking) pay a kid $1800 to drive them from upper state New York to Manhattan. Sources say they were hoping to pick up Tess along the way, but she was in a bad mood and wouldn't leave the house.

*The Hipification of the Net: Google announces a Blog Search feature. The Associate Press glams it up to trick young fashionistas and technophiles into actually paying attention to the news.

*LOVE THIS!! A Harlem School introduces children to swiss chard, whole wheat penne & local squash. And a “That’s Nasty!” gets you sent to the back of the lunch line. (via Queerty)
In a bizarre twist, McDonald's launches a national Phys Ed program to win back the kids they got so fat.

*Brit finally gave birth to KFed's 67th baby.