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Nappa Studio Back-Order Update

update: we are happy to report that we are ahead of schedule for most of the bags; many have already been shipped!

As noted on our website, please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of all Nappa Studio Handbags.

For everyone who ordered Nappa Studio handbags between the dates of August 9th and August 18th
, here is an update of when your order should be shipped (week of). These are estimates, and subject to change. Naturally, each bag is shipped as soon as it is completed, so it always could be sooner.

*please note: all sales are final on any "designer's choice" bag

Thank you for your patience!

Baby Doll Clutch: 9/7
Designer's Choice/Baby Doll: 9/12
Marie Clutch: 9/19
Designer's Choice/ Marie: 9/26
Amarylis Clutch: 9/26
Designer's Choice/Amarylis: 9/26
Bird of Paradise Kimono Shoulder Bag: 9/18
Scarlet Daisy Kimono Shoulder Bag: 9/18
Designer's Choice Kimono Shoulder Bag: 9/18
Petit Burlap: 9/26
Mushroom Tote: 9/26