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Folk Fest 2005: Aunt Beep hits Atlanta

Well it's been a whirlwind month to be sure. First we we're happily surprised to find out that Nappa Studio handbags were going to be featured on Daily Candy, which meant lots of orders and oodles of new Beepsters to meet. Welcome everyone!

Just when I thought I was caught up with orders it was off to Atlanta for the 12th Annual Slotin Folk Fest. Elias Telles, Paige Wery and Aunt Beep all made the (long) trek down south to proudly showcase how California does Folk Art.

Despite record heat, rain and traffic problems, art aficionados came out in droves to scoop up finds from a truly overwhelming showcase of Folk Art, Outsider Art, Self-Taught Art and Folk Art Antiques. Believe me when I tell you it was worth the trip just to see the art. We were all like kids in a candy store!

As the only California gallery, beep Gallery beamed with works by Elias Telles, Paige Wery, Jen Ditchik and Sarah Adina.

We made lots of new friends and had a fabulous time. Here are just a few of our favorite newly discovered artists/galleries - check them out!!

*Minivan Gallery - featuring the work of Casey McGlynn, Scott Griffin & Clint Griffin
*Laster's Art Shack - Featuring the work of C.M and Grace Kelly Laster
*TAG Art Gallery
*Ron Collins
*all the folks at Who-Ha Da-Da
* Joe Harris - a totally blind artist!
*Alcove Fine Art
*Tom D.
*Rare Visions and Roadside Revelations - awesome PBS docu series!!
*Mark Malmgren

Many thanks to Amy and Steve Slotin; the organizers of the Slotin Folk Fest and the cutest couple you'll ever meet.

And to Paige & Elias: I had a blast traveling with both of you on our whirlwind adventure. Your work continues to inspire me daily. Thank you for all your hard work and help in Atlanta. You know all too well I couldn't have done it without you. Next time the waffles are on me y'all. Sarah and Jen, you two were sorely missed. Thanks to all for your professional preparations prior to our big trip. Aunt Beep loves loves loves you!

Below are some pics from the event, I am sad I didn't take more - Aunt Beep is lost without Jen Ditchik's watchful lens!

the beep Gallery Booth on opening night

Paige & Elias

Paige with Paul Flack and his crazy ways. No Paul, we won't go home with you.

Fast friends: Elias & Tre's Taylor

Aunt Beep with her fab gift from C.M Laster "Mr. Suit Was Sad"

The Laster Art Shack

Paige & Elias with Ron Collins

Paige with the Minivan Gallery Boys

Folk Fest Friends: send me more pics if you've got em!