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DIRE OUTLOOK: You Must Help The Victims of Hurricane Katrina

If we American's learned anything from the devastation in Thailand last year, I hope it was that any small part you can play to help relieve the despair of others really does pay off.

Now, another devastating natural disaster has happened in our own back yard. If you haven't taken a moment to consider just how terrible the conditions are in New Orleans and beyond then please - read these reports and let the monstrosity of it sink in. New Orleans overwrought with excessive heat, disease, floating animal carcasses, looting, no water, no electricity, no shelter, and people are still stranded on their roofs baking in the sun waiting to be rescued.

Tomorrow, 9/1/2005 a group of Bloggers have suggested a national Blog For Relief Day - a day where we can beg for relief efforts from everyone and pass along relevant and helpful information on how best to aid the victims of Katrina. I have joined in, and encourage you to do the same and pass this information along to others.

To add your blog to the BLOG FOR RELIEF DAY, along with a suggestion of a charity CLICK HERE

Here are some other sources with information about Katrina, as well as info on ways you can help:

The RED CROSS will be at Dodger's Stadium today until 5pm collecting donations
American Red Cross website
Catholic Charities USA - a highly efficient group with many local resources for the heavily Catholic population of New Orleans
The Humane Society
MetroBlogging New Orleans has valuable info on missing persons etc.
Hurricane Katrina Bloggers
Katrina Help Wiki
A list of various other charities you can donate directly