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Aunt Beep Recommends: Pabst Blue Ribbon. Yes. Beer.

Pabst Blue Ribbon is about to make a comeback. I mean an all-the-IT-celebs-are-doing-it kind of comeback. If you want to be on the forefront of drink fashion, put down your Amstel & your Stella, and pick up a can of Pabst.
I've been known to passionately pontificate about this epiphany when in the presence of a pitcher of the old brew, and have been meaning to enlighten my readers on the best cheap beer out there, but now its official. It's in the news.
Kris Kodrich of The Oregonian seeks answers to Portland's recent Pabst craze.
Kodrich cites a "subculture" uniting everyone "from skateboarders and artists to Vespa-scooter owners and musicians." PBR's marketing Director says that young Portland is "...very passionate about their subculture and very passionate about Pabst'."

HA! All we need here in LA, is a tap installed at the Tropicana, and the nation's most retro cool brew will be the newest libation for the hipster set.

Let's hope that doesn't happen. In the meantime, here are a few places off the top of my head that serve Pabst:
Big Wang's - Hollywood
Beach Ball - Newport Beach
My Bar - Chicago. Serving by the way $1.00 pints every Wednesday by easilly the hottest bartender in Chicago. **
City Grille - Denver

Feel free to tip us off on other fine Pabst serving establishments in your area!

You heard it here first folks.

**also featured at My Bar** for your Birthday, bar owner Brian Cunnignham will do a shot of whiskey out of an ashtray with you.