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Aunt Beep joins MySpace

I read an article in the NYT yesterday about MySpace (one of many I've been reading recently), and I just figured - Ok, fine. What the heck.

I certainly don't need a date, swinging sex partners or LSD (which was a post I read yesterday...seriously...someone wanted to know where they could find LSD in Los Angeles) but I DO like the idea of sharing Aunt Beep and all my talented Beepsters with the world. And if that world is via MySpace, then count me in. Anyway, there's a school of thought out there that Word of Mouth is actually much more effective than advertising...

I only have two friends right now, and am not totally sure how to get more (oh, I get it now! MySpace is about High School revenge! How cruel.) so please join Aunt Beep in that online wonderland space for friends if you feel so inclined. We'll see where this takes us. At any rate you all can now finally learn Aunt Beep's favorite books and movies. And maybe Rupert Murdoch will buy a handbag.