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A Little Nip/Tuck Aunt Beep-Style

No, we didn't guzzle Trim Spa, and we'd never dream of doing botox, but that doesn't mean a little self-preservation isn't in order every now and then.

Thanks to the brilliant hand of Denise Biondo, we've just spruced up our home page, and made our navigation even more user friendly.

Plus, *NEW PRODUCTS* from
My Tote
Nappa Studio
Leora Lutz

If you haven't checked out our newest Beepsters...
One Ear Dog Frog skirts, tops and tees for gals
sidepony kitschy cards and invitations
Karyn Millet photography
ACT III clothing; made specially for women on the upside of 40!

And what about that Denise Biondo?

If you need a website, or some killer graphic design, or fabulous animation, then Denise is your gal. Visit her site to see all her amazing projects. Here in BeepLand, we just can't get enough of Ms. Biondo - our biz wouldn't be the same without her!

That's all for now...gotta go grocery shopping for Sunday Dinner!