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Gallery of the Absurd

Ok, so its no new news that we're all creeped out by TomKat. I can't help but think this whole bizarro media blitz is part of Xenu's master plan to infiltrate society and make us all succumb to the aliens. Kirstie Ally's comeback...Kelly Preston on the record...its all too creepy if you ask me. Wait till Jenna Elfman re-surfaces, and then be very afraid.
I'm sad about Katie Holmes. She's a nice Ohio girl, and cults just don't match her style.

Anyway, art can come from many sources - and Beep is glad to have found Gallery of The Absurd; a voice of reason amidst the chaos, a refreshing perspective amidst the propaganda.

Consider this my final comment on the Tom Cruise Scare. I leave you to form your own opinions, and will go back to happily posting topics with a bit more depth.

7/12 NOTE: Ha! What did I say about Kirstie Alley? She's on the Sci-Train too...poor Brooke.