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City Scapes Exhibit at Lawrence Asher

We visited the City-Scapes exhibit at Lawrence Asher Gallery last Saturday. Pretty good show, but my favorites were no suprise: Leora Lutz had a gorgeous exhibit of all her City-Scape colors, Jason Macaya had a scrumptious piece, and as always Jay Brockman is a delight to view... it was good to see my old friend - its been over a year.

Also bumped into handbag super-star Kim White , (whom I also haven't seen in waaaay to long) sporting a piece from her fall collection (LOVE!).

Considering all the events going on that night, the turn-out was impressive, which further indicates that art is alive and well in Los Angeles. Fabulous!

Guess I'll have to wait to see Basquiat when MOCA hosts hip hop kareoke night on Aug. 13th...