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Announced: Forbes Best Of The Web has announced their Summer 2005 listings of "Best of the Web" with a focus on "the rapidly growing world of blogs, also known as the 'blogosphere' ".
I have to chuckle when I hear such a remedial description about blogs - especially from a major source like Forbes. I'm well aware that many people still are vastly confused about all "this blog stuff", but you can't tell me Forbes doesn't have a team of researchers daily scanning those pesky little online diaries for scoop and information...especially from rogue reporters these days.

Anyway, as a long-time advocate of Blogs, it's always good to see nice press, and their intro sites some amazing facts. The list isn't exactly hefty or creative, but there are some fabulous LA blogs listed, and that's great.

To sum it all up - I like what Caryn over at Art.Blogging.La said best
"...blogs revive the fine art of discussing ideas--
an antidote to one-sided, jargon-filled critics' pronouncements.
Don't get me wrong, I like jargon but I like the kick-in-the-pants blogs give jargon more.
I mean here we are right now, at the best part of blogs - interacting with the media.
What a cycle."
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