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LA City Beat Says: Eat Your Art Out on 6/29/05

Boy are we excited for our new and improved Artful Supper this Wednesday, and the lovely article written by Dr. Rebecca Epstein in this week's issue of LA City Beat just makes us smile even more: Check it out, and find out just why we're so excited to be back with the beep Gallery Artful Supper!

We hope to see you all there - you will love the new works by Raphael Berry, and the food is delish! Call your Artful Entourage and book a table before they're all gone. Dinner reservations are avail from 7pm-10pm.

Call Berri's Cafe at: 323-852-0642 for reservations.

If you can't make the Supper, swing by between 6pm-7pm for a glass of wine, check out the works & say hello. No reason to miss all the festivities! PLUS Berri's Cafe is open LATE NIGHT until 4am, so swing by after 10:00pm, and I bet 'ya loads of people will still be there.

Also, check out the FAB article in my favorite local publication, The 3rd Street Villager: