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Good Bye Brooklyn! Sarah Adina is back where she belongs!


beep Gallery artist Sarah Adina has packed her brushes, shipped out her paintings, and finally made that long awaited move back from NYC to Sunny oh-so-Sunny LA.

She is setting up shop in Mar Vista, converting a shed in the backyard into a painting studio. Sarah finished her philosophy degree with honors from Columbia University this fall.

This spring, she made her biggest painting ever for a private commission, "Niether God Nor Cow." The paintings reflects some of the problems of moral philosophy Sarah had been grappling with during her time as a student. We think her problems make beautiful art!

She is also producing and directing short films, and working in film/tv production. "The Hole Project" was shot on Venice Beach last summer and was animated this spring:

Sarah had a video art installation piece called "Six Televisions" at Manhattan's The Tank in March.

Her painting "Playtime" was recently made part of The Tank's permanent collection.

She says you can come by her soon-to-be studio in Mar Vista anytime! Perhaps a studio show is in order...hmmm...

Check out new works by Sarah Adina at beep Gallery: