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FINALLY!! Groovy E Cards!

Forgive me if I'm way behind the times, but I just found the best website for e-cards EVER, and much to my suprise it's totally FREE!! Not partially free, not free but you must divulge all your personal information, just fabulously and easilly free.
I can be a bit of a flake at times, and (cough) um, forget a birthday here or there. I realize an e-card is a bit of a cop-out, but if its funny and heartfelt, at least its better than nothing, right??
I've about had it up to here with the lamo "other" sites and want you to pay, and the stuff STILL isn't funny, so imagine my joy finding HIPSTER CARDS.

I sent Beep Daddy a truly distasteful and enduring card to test out the system - it took me all of 10 seconds to fill in the fields and send him a morning "I Love You".
People, down with the teddy bears and syrupy music! Get thee to hipster cards and send a greeting to the ones you love.

...but don't forget the power of snail mail either!! Aunt Beep has some of the best blank note cards and occasion cards around! Check out our I LOVE DONUTS! series by TWEET, and a glorious selection of retro cool greetings from the ever-talented sidepony

sidepony cards

groovy e-cards by hipster cards:
I Love Donuts by TWEET:
sidepony cards for all occasions: