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The ARTFUL SUPPER has Returned!

The ARTFUL SUPPER has returned!
Now at Berri's Cafe

All Angelenos are cordially invited to the return of beep Gallery's infamous Artful Suppers
New, Improved, and Better than ever!
Please join us for an Artful evening showcasing Modern Portraitures in Oil by Los Angeles artist:

Artful Supper at Berri's Cafe
Wednesday, June 29
Preview: 6pm-7pm
Dinner with the Artist 7pm-10pm

Call for reservations: 323.852.0642

From the avid collector, to the artist, to the casual admirer, beep Gallery's Artful Suppers are open to any and all who love good food, great art, and fabulous people!
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Berri's Cafe
8412 W. 3rd Street
on the southwest side of 3rd and Orlando

Special Fixed Price Menu: $18
includes tapas, salad, entree & desert
please feel free to bring your own wine; no corkage fee
full bar

All artwork displayed will be for sale.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Raphael Berry was born in Tunisia and raised in Paris by a Sicilian mother and a Tunisian father. He graduated from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, where he established a successful career as an interior architect and designer before moving to Los Angeles in 1984. While Raphael's career continued to flourish, his creativity expanded into other areas, including restaurants and nightclubs. After twenty years of hard work and a fast paced life, Raphael decided to return to France, where he bought a home in the countryside. It was here, amidst the beauty of the landscapes and the slower paced life of his youth, that he was inspired to paint again. For Raphael, painting is a method of relaxation, an outlet for creativity, as well as a reconnection to his past.

Raphael's artwork is a strong echo of all the cultures he has crossed, from Africa to Europe, Paris to Mexico City and, finally, Los Angeles. In his paintings, one can see the primitive and colorful influences of Mexico, as well as the tribal and exotic figures of Africa. The rhythm of his work comes from the various countries of the sun. Cultures that have won over his heart and greatly affected his paintings. His abstract expressions are full of contrasting colors, primitive lines and personal themes. One can see a mixture of temporalities and hear the warm sounds, melodies and Latino tempos that keep his brushes wildly alive, and his colors radiantly vivid. Raphael has, literally, been influenced by the world around him.