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Join the Silent Revolution

Aunt Beep is so excited to present you with our newest designer of handbags and accessories: Silent Revolution.

Maybe it's because of my new found obsession with pre-fab homes and the growing minimalist trend. Maybe its because of my fondness for any fashion items stark white, ingeniously designed, or creatively constructed. Maybe its because after 10 minutes with intrepid designer Andrea Toyas I was smitten with her enthusiasm, passion and vision for her line... Whatever the case, you will love Silent Revolution's sleek, minimalist handbags & messenger bags designed for both men and women.

An avid fan of electronic music, Toyas wanted to create a style that would reflect the music and lifestyle she enjoyed. Andrea wanted a style that would reflect a new found sense of identity as well as a new way of thinking about 21st century fashion. Beyond experimental music, Andrea's other big inspiration is minimalist architecture and design. Clean lines, strong details, and simple elements inspire Andrea to create clothing and accessories that follow this design ethos.

I've been carrying the ODYSSEY MESSENGER BAG for a few weeks now, and I have to say - I'm in love!

Beep Daddy loves the PARTICLE PORTFOLIO BAG as a sleek and modern alternative to the ho-hum briefcase for work.

Also, for an affordable but of minimalism at your fingertips, grab the one of Silent Revolution's three new clutches. Great for day or night!

Don't let the Revolution leave you behind!

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