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Aunt Beep Reccommends Genlux Magazine

If there's one thing you can say about Aunt Beep, it's that she loooves Los Angeles. So how excited are we that our good friends over at Genlux are debuting their fabulous glossy this month full of everything fresh, fashionable and fabulous about LA, catering specially to the savvy, style-conscious female shopper (you!).

Genlux, L.A.'s first fashion and beauty magazine with a unique "two-in-one" concept, premieres May 2005 with a spring/summer issue.

Genlux is literally two magazines in one. On one side are beautiful fashion layouts and flashy editorial features designed to showcase up-market goods (love!). Flip Genlux over, and on the other side is Genlux Shop. This side features brilliant product shots accompanied by the important information that women want: prices and where to buy (genius!).

The mission statement of Genlux magazine says it all...the magazine "combines high-end sophistication with trendy, bottom-line cool. Genlux's vibe is that of the Urban Luxe; think street chic meets Chanel, uptown meets downtown, and vintage meets modern. Genlux is a fabulous fusion of everything from both ends of the style spectrum, bringing quality, fine taste and cool to our reader." Fabulous.

As the lovely editor in chief Jennifer Disotell put it, "With the style in Los Angeles being significantly different than anywhere else, we wanted to create a magazine that women in Los Angeles can relate to and draw inspiration from. We also wanted to incorporate a sense of accessibility, which is where the shop side comes in."

Ladies, I think we have some reading to do!

You can subscribe to Genlux by visiting those of you (sadly) outside LaLa's walls, consider this the perfect opportunity to stay up to date with all our lovely city has to offer.

You can bet Aunt Beep has already signed up! :)