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Beautiful Show & Art Opening SAT 4/30 in Chinatown

"Pattern" April 30 - June 4, 2005
Reception for the artists: APRIL 30th, Saturday 7 - 10 pm
Bamboo Lane / Revisited
418 Bamboo Lane. Los Angeles, Ca 90012 - Chinatown.

3 artists interpret literal & conceptual pattern.
Fumiko Amano Michiko Yao Jessica Robbins

Skylight Room: "More Patterns" - coinciding group show.

There is a common thread that moves through the work of these three artists to bring the flow of the exhibit full circle in concept & in representation. One focuses on line, the purpose of line & the function of the narrative represented. The second begins with the function of the narrative, then the purpose of the process. The third focuses on the purpose of the process & the focus of the lines/shapes.

For this exhibit, the artists were given the word "pattern" & some prompts relating to; patterns for sewing, patterns in social events or conversation, patterns in our surroundingsā€¦then left to create a new body of work with "pattern" in mind. The serendipity of curation lies within inviting these three artists to participate in the show & watching the unintentional synchronicity of the collective unconscious, resulting in a challenging exhibit with a common thread running through it (no pun intended).

**This show is in conjunction with Project by Project for CAST.
Project by Project is a non-profit organization that sponsors & promotes a different worthy cause each year. This year their beneficiary is CAST - The Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking. 80% of the people that CAST helps are women who have been brought to this country under false pretense. Many work in the garment industry or escort services.

Bamboo Lane / Revisited will be donating partial proceeds of all art sales in the gallery for duration of the exhibit to benefit CAST.

- Leora Lutz, Gallery Director.

Bamboo Lane / Revisited is located in Chinatown. On Bamboo Lane, a street alley North of College, East of Broadway. North on Broadway, pass College, make a left at the Phoenix Bakery Parking lot. Walk 1/2 way down- on your left...Big green building.