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All You Good People

Many many thanks to all of you who came out to support Bazoo & her family last Thursday. By all accounts it was an overwhelming success, and we were able to raise even more money to help JP & Jennie pay for vet and legal fees.
There is still some gorgeous art available for purchase at Little Pedro's Blue Bongo...proceeds benefiting Beepers 4 Bazoo of course! Little Pedro's is a gem of a space - stop by have a drink & some chips & salsa and check it out. We are grateful for their open doors and fabulous hospitality for our first Art2Art event!

There is still much to do before this terrible event is resolved. I can hardly believe its been almost a month since Bazoo was shot. We still need press and political attention to this matter, which takes nothing but persistent and firm requests from all of us. The OC Weekly article was amazing, and hopefully that will spur results too.

The main post for Bazoo has gotten really long. From now on, I am going to be posting updates as they become available - always referencing the first post that started all your out-pouring, for easy cross reference.

I am proud of the good people in this state and beyond who have been instrumental in the progress JP & Jennie have made in seeking justice on this matter. I am also proud of the power that a blog can have in offering easily accessible information and spirited dialogue. It may be a crazy mixed up world we live in, but ya know what? It's still a pretty darn great one at the end of the day.

Love, Beep.