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Aunt Beep recommends: THING

I finally had the opportunity to visit the much celebrated exhibit at the UCLA Hammer Museum: THING, and what a treat it was.
Typically, sculpture is not my greatest passion, but THING challenges all pre-conceived notions of what sculpture is- and might be- by pushing the envelope of perception and limits in both material and form. To make it even better, THING is entirely focused on Los Angeles artists - just further proof that LA has (as if we all didn't know it!) a refreshing and monumental wealth of talented and visionary artists.
I felt like I was at a playground - the exhibit is all about sensory overload, and you literally want to skip between each eye-opening piece screaming WOW! I LOVE IT!!!! THIS IS AMAZING!

Hannah Greely

I believe THING'S success is due in part to the Hammer Museum's successful achievement of creating a museum that feel more like an over-sized art gallery. Ok, it's just not that big, but who cares? The layout is easy to follow and not overwhelming at all. It's light and airy, but not colossal as the Getty can even feel at times.
Take your $5 and head over to the Hammer. If you don't think you like "sculpture", go anyway. This is an exhibition of craft (read's great post) and a beautiful display of how art (or let's say a painting to simplify even more) can blow up and transcend space and form. THING is a 3-dimensional, psychedelic, all-inclusive rainbow of thought and feeling. I can't wait to go back.

below are some of my favorite pieces from the show:

Kaz Oshiro

Kristen Morgin

Lara Schnitger
an Aunt Beep Favorite! "Betty Ford" embodies all things Beep.