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Donuts, Raindrops, & Beer

It's Friday, you're tired - you're cold & wet. You've got the munchies.

Aunt Beep understands. Sometimes you just need a tall pint or a big sweetie to make it all ok. Fortunatly for you, we have both, and without the calories. Check out our newest Beepster: Tweet Projects and their irresistable collections of fine cards: Bars of New York City and Donuts!

If you're water logged and feeling a little blue, like everyone here in Southern California, then Tray 6 may be just what you're looking for. Intoducing the cutest and best made umbrellas you'll ever see. Ergonomically designed with a soft rubber handle, a smooth auto-open mechanism, and no pointy skin grabbing metal objects anywhere, a Tray 6 umbrella will want you to keep the rain drops a-fallin on your head.

Cheer up little soldier. Aunt Beep loves you!