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New Works By Elias Telles, Kelly Lynn Jones & Lionel Uhry

For all those looking for a little cheer amidst the gloomy gloomy days (will the rain EVER stop??), beep Gallery has added delightful new works by 3 amazing artists:

Elias Telles: California Folk artist heavily influenced by the Civil War and turn of the century. His works reveal an optimistic view of our American History by highlighting people and events not usually taught in the history books. Price range: $125-$1200.

Family On The Farm
acrylic on canvas; 20x16 inches

Kelly Lynn Jones: California College of Arts & Crafts graduate who combines illustration and story-telling to create whimsical imaginative vignettes on a variety of mediums. Price range $100-$700

Tiger Lingo
acrylic on wood ; 10x8 inches

Lionel Uhry: One of Los Angeles' most talented digital artists. Uhry distills the essence of a moment to create provocative, emotional images with a clean, modern feel. Price range: $225-$900

LA Skyline
digital giclee print on canvas; 62x18 inches

** Lionel has recently released a Limited Edition print on paper Blue Bloom for a special Collector's Price of just $125. We are offering this print to you for $99 through January!

Blue Bloom
digital giclee print on watercolor paper; 11x14 inches

Live in or around LA? beep Gallery will come to your home or business with a variety of hand-picked pieces for you to view based on your own personal choices. We're a roaming Gallery...bringing art to you in a fun, friendly and un-Gallery way. We guarantee you'll never have a better time choosing art to fill your space!
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