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Aunt Beep Wonders: Who is Your Favorite Heart Throb?

V-Day is coming...I know because of the pink/red glow I see from isles in the supermarket; and the blast of cheap chocolate that hits me as I walk through the doors.
Aunt Beep has had a long history of mixed emotions regarding Valentines Day. Generally, I try to down-play it as much as possible...inevitably someone's feelings get hurt over not receiving something "really special" blah blah blah and we all end up popping for an over-priced dinner we can't afford. However, Aunt Beep loves Beep Daddy, and that's something to celebrate. Thus I remain conflicted.
I do love the kitschy, syrupy sweet concept of Valentines Day though. Pink and Red are sooo Aunt Beep's style, and there's just something about it that screams homeade and adorable. I also love the over-the-top attention given to fascination of another person. Its so shameless and scandalous.
For me, Valentines Day reaches far beyond your current amour and splashes out to Dear Old Mom and Dad, Gram & Gramps, favorite nieces and nephews and friends you never get mushy with, but should.
This led me to thinking on a larger scale about those we can fall helplessly in love with without even saying hello. Oh the Hollywood crush: maybe the most bitter pill of all to swallow. So unrequited, so far, far away.
So tell me, who is YOUR favorite Heart Throb? Still grasping on to the vision of Farrah Fawcet circa 1976? Is Jude Law your man? James Dean? Jonny Mathis? Nicollette Sheridan? (ugh). Tell me, purge yourself and reveal your obsession. You're in good company here, and you'll feel better, I promise.