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Where's the connection??

What started out as a daily online search for a new car somehow took a strange turn today. In a short amount of time I found myself far away from cars and into my new obsession with Pre Fab homes (ignited by this month's issue of DWELL magazine; notably 2 very cool articles in My House & Off The Grid. Brett Zamore...if you're out there, let's talk.) PreFab modernist homes then somehow, miraculously, led me to The Condiment Package Museum.

All this while sipping my morning coffee and eating toast.

The Condiment Package Museum is a testament to all I love about America: shameless capitalism (yes, you can buy tee shirts) mixed with an individualized attention to a small, small, minute microcosm of modern society. The site is fabulously understated which makes it even cooler. I particularly enjoyed the Hot Sauce & Other galleries; presentation-wise the Salt & Pepper as well as the Seasonings exhibitions had a very comforting retro feel to them, and the Lemon Juice -though small- is gloriously upbeat.

Even with hackers, identity stealers, illegal porn and annoying viruses, the web is truly a marvel. Thank you Condiment People, for enlightening me on the beauty I've been missing which lies in little plastic packets with perforated edges. I have no doubt you are actively pursuing your 501-C3 and editorials on All Things Considered even as we speak.

Aunt Beep loves You! She really, really loves you.