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Merry Christmas!

It's a bit late, but in most countries everyone is still off work and celebrating the holidays. And as the Beepster took a long needed 3 day breather, I didn't have time to properly wish everyone Good Tidings and Joy. Christmas is my favorite time - I hope you and yours had glorious days indeed!
For all you Brits, hope everyone had a fabulous Boxing Day. Beep Daddy & I had to re-arrange our traditional Boxing Day trip to Matador Beach in Malibu due to crummy weather. Additionally, the morning was spent reading about the terrible disaster in Indonesia and Asia. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the families struck by this terrible earthquake and to all the brave rescuers valiantly trying to help anywhere they can.
If you haven't read about the 9.0 earthquake that struck the Indian Ocean of the 26th, killing (at today's count) 23,000 people, check out:
BBC online
Fox News
Yahoo News
for updates. There are good maps and a timeline on BBC's site that give you a good perspective of how everything happened.
This is a tragedy of magnificent proportions.