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Who Loves Patti Smith?? We Do! We Do!

Hey all you rock stars out there...I know you're tough as nails and bad like a mutha', but you ain't got Aunt Beep fooled. You're holiday shopping for your loved ones right now - just like the rest of us. Yep. I can just hear your beating hearts pitter-pattering over the thought of sugar plum vinyls and snow covered leather all wrapped up in pretty spiked bows & set under the Christmas tree.
Well here's a gift idea for ya: a Patti Smith tee shirt with Patti Smith posing in her fave Keith Richards tee.
Graphically designed by the ever-rockin' freewaystar clothing line bringing zen buddhism and rock and roll together in perfect harmony.
Put Patti on your chest for just $25.

All tees come on 100% cotton white American Apparel tees - pre-washed for no shrinkage.
Also available without the pink outline.

email us with your order and mention this Blog and we'll ship out your Freewaystar tees for free! ~ include size and quantity please.

Be a REAL good Santa...and make a Patti Smith gift set: the gift that keeps on giving: