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Jen Ditchik art at SPIRITUALI Shop on Melrose

We are excited to announce that a few special pieces from Jen Ditchik's collection of "Indigo Dreams" are on display at SPIRITUALI - a fabulous boutique on the corner of Melrose & Hayworth ( Any fashionsita who has ever shopped in Los Angeles has visited Spirituali for the best fashion finds on the market. Aunt Beep is so glad they're expanding into art!

LOCATION: 7928 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90046 Tel: (323) 653-3471 (1 block WEST of Fairfax)

NEW ON AUNTBEEP.COM: Check out Jen D's latest installment of creative artistry: It's A Duck's Life. A comment on the banality of life, and the perception of others. Humorous and introspective, Jen Ditchik "invites the viewer to create their own stories from the photograph's about the duck's "life"'.