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Aunt Beep Recommends: Mostly Martha

The weather is slowly turning colder and colder. Even here in LA it's been raining for 3 days... Time to stock up on movies, yummy candles, hot chocolate and cook books and start the winter hibernation period.
When it gets dark early, I just want to drink red wine and cook. There's something about those quiet, overcast days that just makes me feel contemplative and homeward bound.
...What else is good about walking into the billowy grey clouds of winter? Sunday dinners with friends and family; brisk walks at night; sweaters and scarves (naturally!); rich, decadent dinners followed by rich, decadent deserts; hopelessly romantic movies; the smell of wood burning in a fire...even in the city, it seems to come from somewhere...
If you like to cook, recognize any degree of Woody Allen-esque neurosis in yourself, and/or you love a great love story get yourself a copy of Mostly Martha . It's a German film -impeccably acted- even Beep Daddy likes to watch. This flick is sure to inspire culinary genius in even the best microwave chefs; and the story is funny, poignant and (oh wow, really?) interesting.
So grab some dark chocolate, a glass of wine, your favorite blanket and induldge yourself.
Thank goodness bikini season is over!!

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