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New Site Coming Soon...

Whew! A crazy week, but there is a brand new face in Beep-land heading your way very soon! Check the site Monday or Tuesday to see oodles of new goodies.
Who is being added??
My Tote handbags & accessories
Doug Murphy (aka plasticf****r) lego heads
new candle designs by Jen Lew
new teeshirts and vintage tees by freewaystar
a whole new line of clothes by random nicole...skirts, hoodies and fabulous tees PLUS handmade cards
loads of new juice pouch creations by Mo'Betta World
new paintings and works under $60 by Jen Ditchik
new works on poplar wood to buy now by Elias Telles

...and more on the way!!

Everyone have a great weekend!!

Aunt Beep